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Food, oxygen, cancer cells

Dr. Chen Yi Kui

Protein splits into amino acids, and free radicals are generated during the splitting process when oxygen is lacking. The genes of this cell are changed, and cancer cells are produced. Because this cancer cell lacks oxygen, it eats the aerobic cells, then the aerobic cells will lack two oxygen. If they quickly assimilate with the cancer cells, they all become cancer cells.

During carbohydrate splitting, carbonic acid will be produced when there is no oxygen. The more carbonic acid there is, the more CO2 is. Exercise or sweat in a bath to get rid of carbonic acid.

When there are more amino acids, there will be less sugars. Understand the relationship between cancer cells and amino acids and sugars.

When the air is hypoxic, there is more CO2.

The oxygen in the air or the oxygen in the body is the key role