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Physiological diet (5) Digestive System ~ Enzymes

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The production of enzymes changed from nothing to something. In the end, the enzyme itself will not change. It is our things that change. The great thing about enzymes is once it produces this kind of enzyme, no matter how you change, the enzyme will not change. Our things change. It seems that the food we eat is decomposed with stomach acid and enzymes, it will be broken down into simple sugar glucose, and the enzyme that breaks down rice will turn into glucose. That enzyme is still there. It is not broken down, but after turning into glucose, it runs to the blood. Go inside and be used by our human body. The enzymes and impurities will fall down with the stool. Some enzymes will go into the urine a little bit. Some people say that drinking urine will change things in the body. Then the digestive system says in books It's probably all about vitamins, what vitamins have and what enzymes, in fact, it's not that simple.

So why is it not that simple? You eat a lot of vitamins, but you can’t digest them. You can’t digest them when you are angry. Why? When you are angry, our entire system of making digestive enzymes will be blocked and will not move. Although you are also supplying B complex or vitamins, it will not digest. So when you are nervous, you cannot digest food, and when you are nervous you will not feel hungry.

When I am very angry, my stomach may forget to move, the enzymes in me may not secrete, and I cannot eat. You won’t be able to digest it if you barely eat it. What to eat when you are nervous will not be digested, and it will harm your health.

Everyone says to be beautiful and eat fruit for three meals. In fact, this is the most stupid. The real beauty is not to eat fruit. You must eat green vegetables and meat, and a little rice and sweet potatoes. Although the face is not pretty, but it will also taste very good.

Then come to the sense of taste and the sensation of the tongue. When you are hungry, when you walk to that restaurant, the cooking is very fragrant and the rice is very fragrant. Your enzymes will be secreted and your saliva will come out. So I don’t agree that children will not digest well while watching TV while eating. Why? Because he didn’t concentrate on that feeling. When I was eating fish and biting, I didn’t secrete that kind of delicious enzyme when I felt that the fish was delicious or unpalatable. If I didn’t secrete this kind of enzyme. When the enzyme comes out, this kind of delicious food will not be digested, not metabolized, and you will not absorb it if it is not digested. It means that we have not eaten it, and become extra stuff stuffed in our stomachs. Maybe we have to pay another effort. To get rid of this extra thing from the kidneys, from the stool, or from there, it takes strength to get rid of things.

I said that I did not agree with a mother who kept scolding from the beginning of cooking, until the end of the meal, she continued to scold after she was full, scolded things on the table were not cleaned up, and continued to scold that the dishes were not washed. There are many such moms in our country. Because there are too many such moms in Taiwan. So why are Taiwan's stomach medicines selling so well? The problem is that the entire education in Taiwan is education that does not produce enzymes. By analogy, the children in Taiwan can absorb what the teacher teaches at school? Because there is no enzyme decomposition, you can't digest it, and you can't absorb what the teacher teaches.

Why does the digestive system have the whole problem, you will not produce enzymes when you are nervous, you will not produce enzymes when you are angry, and you will not produce enzymes when you hate or fight against it. This enzyme is great, but if we don’t have those things, we cannot absorb other things. So studying camels, camels can eat everything, as long as they are trees and thorns, the camel can digest everything, and finally it was found that as long as it touches something in the camel’s mouth, it will produce the decomposition of this plant enzymes, so it can eat anything.

How is the auxiliary Q10 transformed into protein and B6. If you have enough protein and B6, this auxiliary Q10 will be produced. If this auxiliary Q10 is not produced, it will be in the meat we eat. The tryptophan of the human body will not be converted, and even the tryptophan of meat cannot be decomposed. If you can’t decompose it, you will not sleep well. If you can decompose it but cannot convert it into niacin, you will be emotionally unstable. You are emotionally unstable, and your digestion will not be good the next day. This is how the entire digestive system comes.

After the digestive system comes down, it has a common symptom. We treat it as a disease. It seems that after you have these enzymes down, all these things in you need these enzymes before you can produce them. It is like saying that we eat and eat brown rice. There must be amylases, including fiber enzymes. Brown rice has the vitamin B1 of brown rice to produce. If you don’t have it, you will have beriberi and amnesia. Then, as soon as you have amnesia or beriberi, it is useless to supply B1 in large quantities. You want to produce B1 yourself.

If you affect a certain enzyme error, the eggs you eat, the meat you eat, but vitamin B2 cannot be produced, you will run tears, angular cheilitis, and tongue inflammation. Let your body produce this Enzymes decompose food and produce B2 that is good. It is not a disease, but a symptom that occurs when a deficiency is something. Furthermore, there are many things in amino acids, which will produce B6. If its enzymes cannot make the amino acids in animal protein produce B6, B6 is also one of the auxiliary enzymes. When B6 is not produced, Nightmares at night, children urinate at night at night, urinary incontinence in the elderly, these are all in the digestive system. If you lack B6, you will have bad breath and fart will be very smelly. Too many of these are problems in the digestive system.

I suggest that you eat a few more items when you eat at each meal. Why do I ask people to eat dried radishes and eggs? You must put dried radishes, green onions, oil, and salt. You must eat many kinds of them. Your entire process, including your environment, may be a certain kind of enzyme. There are about 20,000 kinds of enzymes in our human body. We don't really apply that many now. Why? Because of our growth process, there are probably less than 2,000 enzymes left in children in Taiwan. Why? Because antibiotics are used too much, antibiotics have been used from birth, until they grow up, because enzymes are most afraid of antibiotics. The original organisms to be decomposed and manufactured are gone, and the raw materials are gone. What should I do if there is no? There are many kinds of food to eat, because any food can provide us humans with a certain enzyme, or stimulate a certain enzyme. It’s great to eat pork, pig’s mouth, and pig’s ears to pig’s tail, because every part of our body produces different enzymes. So when you eat pork, you will eat pig’s tail today, and tomorrow you will eat pig’s ears. After that, I will eat pork belly, and in the end I will eat all kinds of pig's trotters, pig small intestine, and pig large intestine.

Why do I eat fish? In order to avoid trouble, I eat clove fish, because the head and tail of the clove fish, including the belly and eyes, bit it down, and there is not one left. Eat small fish. A few years ago, kiss larvae were popular. A large bowl of vegetable kiss larvae was cooked with a little meat.

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