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Energy and Meridians (17)Cardiovascular problems and nerve conduction (2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Snoring is a throat relationship. I think that people who snore should train them to sleep on their side. Otherwise, they will suffocate and the sound of snoring on the side will not be loud.

Our cyanobacteria will exert its powerful function when its temperature reaches the same temperature as the human body. Large cyanobacteria, bathe in 38 degrees water, soak in sweat is very good, small cyanobacteria can be used for tea, at first no one will believe that people who have soaked know that it seems true, the more you drink the better.

Between the sexes used cyanobacteria to make a fool. There was a couple who did n’t know if they were comfortable or what. After the fourth week, the girl came to me and said why there is such magic. I explained for a long time, I said this cyanobacteria stone resonates with the skin at a temperature above 35 degrees. After the resonance, the male or female, the genitals belong to any vein, and when the vein has the function of movement, it will affect the veins and the position under the veins. It is the place where the hormone is secreted. She said that my husband stuck to me all day long, and colleagues saw me saying that I seemed to see the fairy descending from the sky. We can't talk about how good it is, but it will have this effect. Many men ask me, what do men do? For a male to be perineal, you rub with the stone on the perineum. You must rub it to the temperature. You can rub it without rubbing it. You can use EBA to rub it. When there is temperature in the perineum, it will resonate. Your pituitary gland, hormones will be energized.

Cyanobacteria produce this resonance with your body when there is temperature, in fact, it has nothing to do with all aspects of the internal organs. When making tea or coffee, it is the structure that resonates. The structure between water and tea (coffee) makes our taste buds feel different.

When I was young, I did an experiment. The first incubator in Taiwan was made by Chen Yikui. Why? There are a lot of hens in my family, and the eggs that give birth to are stolen by me. A hen produces about 20 eggs, and the hens will hatch. I have eaten a dozen eggs, and there are five or six eggs left. The hen wants to incubate the eggs, so what will I do? I went to visit a surnamed Zhou, who was specializing in the expansion coefficient when he was at Peking University, I went to ask him, I want to make an expansion coefficient, how do I hatch? I told him what I thought, and I said that I could probably do everything. I only had difficulty with the expansion coefficient to power off and power on. He said it was simple. He said using ether Ether (petroleum ether), bad! There is no chemical raw materials company in whole Taoyuan. Finally, I asked the Taipei Chemical Materials Laboratory that most of them are in Kaifeng Street. I took a slow train to Taipei to buy a bottle of ether. The temperature in it is written in English. I don’t know that there are so many kinds of temperature, 38.35 degree boiling point. Finally, I took it back and showed it to Teacher Zhou. He said that he bought it wrong, it was more than 38 degrees. Now, we need to use an expansion coefficient of 35.6 degrees. Finally, my cousin who specializes in the Department of Physics at National Taiwan University. He said it was so stupid to buy an oval three-temperature aluminum alloy, and asked others to weld it and adjust it to use. It was very happy when it expanded, but it almost lost power.

Each of the chickens that finally hatched was dull. I hurried to ask Teacher Zhou. He is a teacher of Taoyuan agricultural workers. When he saw it, he said that you put too little water and the temperature was too high. I am such a person. In my hometown, I am unreasonable, and everyone cannot accept it. So when my uncle died, I was the saddest when I cried. When my whole hometown couldn’t accept me, my uncle would sell oil buns in winter. He knew that the people in our village, including those from us, would never cook for me. He secretly told me to go to the back of their pigsty and use a large plate for me to eat. He was also afraid of being caught by his wife. When my aunt caught it, she would hit him. I was only a teenager then. I was caught twice by my uncle. My uncle told her that this child has special characteristics. In the end, my aunt specifically asked me to eat big noodles on the first and fifteenth day of the month. Before, there were yellow noodles in Taiwan. Come to cook lean meat and spring onions. It ’s delicious and full. I ’m very grateful. When my uncle died, my aunt was in her eighties, she still the best for me. I bought her favorite things every year. Drinking 1.5 liters of XO, 24th before the New Year's calendar, she will always ask her child, A Kui here yet?

In the course of my life, I have always emphasized that you have to do things that are healthy for you, keep your health, make a decision before you do anything, make money or do not make money, you have to be happy, don’t use scams, you will have to pay back later.


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