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Energy and Meridians (18-1)The connection between popularity and wealth (Part 1)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Some things are very important to popularity. A lady is about to go bankrupt. She was born in the Chou Month of Jia Yin, and in December GengZi month of a certain year, she came to me on December 5 because suddenly the house was going to be seized, I agreed to meet her at 4 pm one day for consultation, usually the first consultation on December 5th, vitamins and recommended foods to eat for a month to January 5th. She was in her forties when she was divorced. She said that she saved for her whole life and struggled for divorce, only to get the house. I looked at it in eight words. I said that the house to be closed must have something to do with your family. She said that was right. As a guarantee for her brother, his bankruptcy and the bank will seal her house for auction. Ask me, Teacher Chen what am I going to do, how could my life be so hard, I said not yet, it will be even harder!

When she was born in the year of WuXu, Yi Chou month, JiaYin day, Ji Si hour, her environment was PianCai and she was drawn down by her brother. Jiayin day’s divorce. I said that she should look quickly. After February 8th a man appears, he will fall in love with you, and she immediately tells me that my house will be sealed and what to do. After the beginning of spring, Ding Hai, when she arrived at the Gang cycle. In fact, she worked very hard and did everything. Her mother valued boys not  girls. She must be a sister to protect her brother. I haven’t solved your difficulties. Now, it ’s still Gengzi month. Geng and Zi are still not hurting Jia. Next month is Xin Chou month. I ’ll talk about five days around January 22, and you should past it. You can probably find a way to eat as recommended. She said that can I eat twice a day? I said you can go faster if you eat it twice. It's the same, but it's not so sad. In the end, she eats twice a day.

Why are you so eager to ask me, she said that Teacher Chen I did not tell anyone else, how do you know?How do I know! Because some rogues have already talked, they will go to her house on the 17th, I say, they will not! Go back and eat half a pound of pork and six eggs a day. Don’t eat starch. What will happen? she said. I said that on the 17th, the hooligan would have more urgent matters to deal with and they will not come. She was very happy to go home. She ate six eggs, fried tomatoes and Taiwan ’s basil. She said that there cannot have tomatoes for her brain. Melon, I said if she is allergic with tomatoes then winter melon is also OK! Pumpkins are also OK! Just don't eat starch. If you are allergic to solanaceae, even allergic to potatoes, oats are generally grasses, which is acceptable, depending on how you eat it! If your kidneys are not good at all and you need to eat pasture every day, of course, you need to have kidney dialysis. Therefore, everyone is different, the same rice raises hundreds of people, and now there are 7000 varieties of rice, there are so many kinds of people.

She was miserable, so anxious. I used the theory of fortune telling and solar terms at that time. I made it on January 22, and I'm sure you haven't past the difficult time. Five days before or after January 22, she deducted 5 on the 22nd. It was on the 17th, crying on the spot, why are you so accurate. How is it? I was calling for money that day! No matter where you go, you will be caught, and they tell her that the police are useless.

She is a Cai strong but weak self, and the worst thing is that she has a Jia Hou month. Chou month is very romantic and caring for her family. She is also PianCai, which means that no matter how much you make, people will take it ayaw from you. So people have a lot of lives. Like this example, I'm embarrassed to say that you must go to the right place. Why? It's too late. So to deal with some things, you want people to live in the right house, it will take five or six to seven or eight years.

I often made a lot of mistakes in the early days. If you live in the wrong house, you move quickly. Whatever the door is going to go, he will move and change. It will be worse after six months, but in the end, he will bring a basket of mandarin oranges. Apple is expensive. They used to stand at the door of my house without a phone call, saying that you are an expert, you have learned from such a great teacher, but now I have also moved the house, the door has changed, and spending so much money is not effective! So I dare not read Feng Shui for others in the future, so you read it by yourself. You go tossing, and God just says yes. Come to me when you arein pain, why? I'm studying how to eat.

How to be rich? This woman is working very hard. She has a Yi inside her, a BiJian to steal money, she is very self-love, because the marriage fails, we do not ask about divorce, because the other party does not mention, we cannot ask. She came on December 5th. She said that I really want to thank you, Mrs. Chen. Someone forced her around the winter solstice. On the 5th, I told her the same thing. Although you were in trouble before and after the winter solstice, my thoughts were that she had already been in the Zi of Geng Zi, because Geng would have hurt Jia, but there was a benefit to this injury. Because Zi is Qui water, although it didn't enhance directly, it won't destroy her. It really is like this, because the house is going to be sealed, people told her that she will go to arrest on January 17, she can’t stand it, I said it ’s okay these days. It was just fine. I told her to bask in the sun, and at the end she kept asking me if there was a nobleman-helper. I said that the definition of nobleman? Solve these problems for me! I said don't look for this, you have to have a noble person to help you, you also have to have that fate, and someone who is willing to help you.

I often study fate. I must rely on myself and advise everyone that one must be balanced. The popularity is in hormones, so if you are not popular, buy a cyanobacteria stone and rub EBA in your veins. Use stones. When you feel the pleasure, your pituitary gland releases this kind of hormone immediately, and your popularity will be better. So what should a man do? Touching the perineum, which is between the anus and the genitals, is slower, because there is no temperature, the perineum is ice, otherwise use a light bulb to heat it and reuse it.

I also teach people to do this in Shanghai. Male, because of bad popularity, have to manage more than 20,000 workers. After doing so, he was surrounded by 20 women workers in Anhui. He called and asked what to do? Hurry up! You know, when you are a hormone, and the person you found feels good, I told him to run, he couldn't bear it.

Why is this fate word has a net next to the foot of the character, and circle it, it will never untie. Women should do this, this must be hormones, this must be researched, not me talking about it alone, biologists say, there is a butterfly that is very famous, why can fly directly from Mexico to Canada, it is a hormone problem. Why fly? Fly to mate, the female butterfly will definitely eat that plant in Mexico to be full. The male butterfly sends out the hormones it needs to ejaculate in southern Canada. This female butterfly flies back and forth to mate, day and night. There are spawns there, born to heavy snow, light snow, heavy snow, winter solstice,small chill, big chill, and after the beginning of spring, they grow up to eat the buds there, and another hormone is produced, and the mother will fly to Mexico and fly there and eat that kind of plant, plant that will produce that kind of hormonal, and when you run there and eat it full, when there are a lot of eggs, it will run back again.

In October, the solar calendar goes to Canada to see salmon return, which is also a hormonal effect. So steep, so tired! That steepness was as high as the jump from the bottom of the Shimen Reservoir to the top of the Shimen Reservoir. Why soar again? Obviously knowing that it was eaten by the bear in the end, go there, lay the eggs, and die there. This is also willing. This is fate. These are hormonal effects.


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