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Energy and Meridians (18-2)The connection between popularity and wealth (2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The woman in the previous article, why is she responsible for so much money? Hormone error. Your hormone is to be controlled by the people in your family every day. Her mother called to take care the younger brother every day. The younger brother has no money and she has to borrow money for her younger brother, because she is born of Jia Yin and her mother Partial wealth is also yang, so yang is the same sex, you are a woman, she is a woman, and you are a man, she becomes a man. She asked me how could her relationship with her mother improve? I think you want to improve? If you don’t have money, your mother won’t improve with you. She said how do you know so well, my mother is always good with me when I have money, and she is not good with me when I have no money, why don’t you pretend to have money? Can not do it! She borrowed money from me. You say you can’t borrow it. I ’m rich but I can’t borrow it.

We all emphasize the need to be healthy. When it is healthy, there are twelve meridians including Ren and Du meridian. In fact, Ren Du controls who has money, including whether you have money, or whether you have popularity, or whether you want to fall in love, probably in the two veins of Ren Du. Because I started as an acupuncture practitioner, I spent the most time studying Ren Du these two veins.

How can a man be rich, then you must be particularly amazing in this regard, so some men say that he will not ejaculate for 24 hours during sex. I say that you are not effective and useless. You have to know that the two lines you are using, and which one you use to make the other person live and die for you, then you will succeed.

Then there is our theory, which is a theory of the nature of the entire universe. The first is temperature, the second, the current, the third, the magnetic force, and the fourth, the magnetic field. Magnetic force is different from magnetic field. Fifth, induction. Very complete five. These five are all in vitro, what should I do? We can’t do it together in the body! So supply the whole compound vitamin, including the supply of enough amino acids and eating eggs.

OSD is the oil of sandalwood tree seeds. There are seven kinds in total. When people were sick in the religious world, they will soon make really good sandalwood to smoke. The people next to them will not be infected, why? The sandalwood of Honolulu has been chopped by the Chinese because it is too good. The taste of synthetic sandalwood is useless. Use natural, natural which can always exist. Only the seeds will bloom and bear fruit. Previous patients had to place sandalwood next to them for family and friends to visit. Where is the problem? Because the smell of sandalwood is not contagious. These things are probably used by the Buddhists now. Now India has also ordered that their really good sandalwood and old sandalwood are listed as national treasures.


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