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Physiological diet (1) blood fat

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The bath itself is to take out the things in the body, like a little bit of free radicals, a small amount of carbonic acid, and a small amount of impurities. Those impurities dissolved in the water force it out. Then the way to force it out when you exercise, you have to generate a force in your feet or your hands before it comes out. Then our bath relies on the stone, which contains a small amount of silicic acid that resonates with the temperature. The power of resonance and your own power. If you use medicine to calculate, the difference is too far, so we don’t completely replace the way of exercise. It seems that I have high blood pressure or my blood fat is too high. Many doctors suggest that I exercise more.

The fermentation process of the tea we make, including the process of its cultivation, its quality will change. Our general tea must be cultivated with iron, and the saporin in the cultivated tea is called saponin, which can be used by our body. Saponin, we call it carbonization. Saponin cannot be carbonized. Once it is carbonized, saponin will be ineffective. Generally, saponin will be broken in the process of roasting or brewing tea. Tannins are combined, and the tannins in the tea are combined with theophylline, so the taste of the tea brewed is the taste of theophylline, including the taste of tannins, which is astringent, so it becomes effective when drinking tea. The side of drinking tannins includes theophylline, not the side of saporin. What is saponin? It can replenish qi. Like many Chinese medicines that are good for replenishing qi, they probably all contain that trace amount of saponin. Saporin is divided into too many kinds, not just two or three. Its structure is a little bit different. Like our protein, pork, mutton and beef are different. No meat is the same. Pork, pig scalp and pig tail are also the same. It won’t be the same. The pig’s scalp is the same as pork, but it’s different from the inner muscles.

Because the doctor’s research is based on foreigners, the composition of blood fat in foreigners will not be as serious as the Chinese. In fact, to what extent the blood fat in Taiwanese is serious, anyone can check it, as long as you are Taiwanese. Blood fat is probably on the line of high index. why? Because there is no meat. Then eat too many refined products, rice is too white, flour is too white, oil is stir fried or deep fired. For fat production, when one gram of heat energy from carbohydrates is converted into fat, it is 0.8 grams, so when one gram of heat energy from lean meat and protein is converted into fat, only 0.4 grams. All protein is converted into fat only half, so why eating lean meat can lose weight, eating fruit can not lose weight, eating lean meat to lose weight because its heat energy is only half.

But here comes the problem. If you eat too much meat, the heat energy will be transferred to blood fat and cholesterol. Therefore, foreigners are studying how to eliminate cholesterol. Therefore, it has been studied to have lecithin, which will make your liver produce a lot. With lecithin, your cholesterol drops, so many good cholesterol-lowering drugs have been invented.

Japanese people drink green tea. Green tea contains a small amount of saporin. This saporin must be absorbed into the blood by our body, and then the index will drop. Some blood fats are very bad. In the future, there will be problems with the kidneys and the heart. In the end, if diabetes is added, the kidneys will be dialysis after stroke. Many of these problems are caused by blood fat.

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