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Physiological diet (3) Stomach, small intestine, large intestine

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

What meat should be stewed with Chinese medicine, what should be stewed in Bazhen soup, and how should Shiquan Dabu be made? Is this really Shiquan Dabu after eating? Not necessarily, it depends on the small intestine to make a decision.

So I often talk about how Taiwanese people know how to eat a little bit of supplements. Women need to eat a little Bazhen soup, and men need a little Bawei pill or Liuwei pill. In the past, these things were cooked with meat, especially Siwu soup, Bazhen soup, the meat is simmered, and the soup is finally drunk. Is there any oil in the soup? The meat must be oily! This theoretical system is in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic. It mainly talks about nutrition and guarding, nutrition is absorption, guarding is protection, and guarding is generally a kind of resonance. Because of this, if the small intestine absorbs normally and bile secretes normally, then the stomach is normal. In fact, this is superficial. The real stomach normal is bile must be normal. This theory is one of the traditional Chinese medicine theories in the Huangdi Neijing. So when it came to the Compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen completed it, so it is said that the real treatment of stomach diseases has the most relationship with the gallbladder, so he set it as bear bile to cure stomach diseases.

So what is squeezed out by the stomach and absorbed through the small intestine is nutrients, and what is absorbed through the large intestine is water. The water passes through the kidneys and is separated by the kidneys. Water includes blood. What kind of blood? The intestine absorbs the exchange of blood. The small intestine absorbs the chylous tube down in the blood and sends it to a lot of tissues before returning. It must pass through the kidneys. The renal pelvis in the kidneys recycles unabsorbed or unused proteins. If you If this protein is recovered, there is proteinuria.

The water from the large intestine passes through the kidneys, and then to the bladder. Therefore, the large intestine is gold, and the water in the large intestine reaches the bladder at last, and then urinates. So can the bladder give birth to liver? No, will be guilty? will not. Isn't water raw wood? will not. For the aquatic wood here, what kind of water is produced must be amino acids, which must be eaten from food. Therefore, people who are not courageous, probably do not eat well, some are partial eclipse, some are frugal.

People with hepatobiliary disease probably are picky eaters. What is a picky eater? Alcoholism is also a picky eater. If you like to drink, you don’t eat anything. That’s why I often tell drinkers that you have to eat everything, so that your body is less likely to have problems. Those who love to drink should eat everything, pig liver, and all side dishes. If you don’t eat anything, just drinking, there must be a problem with the body.

There are two types of skipping breakfast. Some people eat too full at night and have poor digestion. They don’t have an appetite at all in the morning. If you eat too much at night, your sleep quality will not be good, if you are hungry at night, you will not be able to sleep. You must eat something, even if it is a small thing, it must have nutrients that can be absorbed. Therefore, I strongly advocate that after middle age, eat chicken and green cabbage leaves at night to make the taste delicious. Don't eat too much. You can eat it for half a year. I think it is worth doing and seeing. You will be healthy, you will sleep well, and you will be energetic when you wake up in the morning. Healthy people are not easy to scold, so there is no healthy one who scolds people every day.

From this point of view, the entire digestive system must have fatty acids. If the small intestine is equipped with a lot of nutrients, the balance point of stomach peristalsis and stomach acid is quite high. The large intestine must have some good minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, but magnesium should not be eaten too much. Too much will become a relieving agent and will pull too much. Your bladder will have strength after the whole match is good.

When the nutrition you eat is unbalanced, it’s terrible. In some ways, it will be congested. Just like me, when I eat pineapple desperately, my eyes will be congested. Because of the imbalance, if I don’t sleep for five hours, my eyes would also be bloodshot. It is very natural. When you lack something, or when something is supplied too much, some places will behave differently. When the back of your eyeball is congested, your retina will be detached and your eyes will be blinded, so you must balance it.

Therefore, a woman's uterus is both normal and abnormal. If you are guilty, the small intestine will not work, the stomach will not work, and the large intestine will not work. Of course, the bladder will not work, and the uterus will not work. When it is absorbed by the small intestine and the stomach are combined, the Chinese people like to use Sijunzi soup most. But I don’t think Chinese medicine is necessary. It is necessary to make this enzyme well, such as papaya enzyme, pineapple enzyme, amylase, proteinase, lipase, and fiber enzyme. If you make these six kinds of products properly and cooperate with the Blessing Ping products, our small intestine and stomach can probably handle them well.

The large intestine must have fiber, so I have always emphasized eating green vegetables. There must be trace diuretic minerals in the bladder, your bladder will be quite good, not easy to get stones, there must be trace minerals. Trace minerals must be balanced. The outside is terrible, it's all calcium. It lacks calcium, all about calcium, and iron deficient through iron. This should be very balanced. The most balanced minerals should be green vegetable seeds. I have told others about these three kinds of dishes, Taiwanese sweet potato leaves, water spinach, and Chinese lettuce dish. In winter, there are no spinach and sweet potato leaves, but spinach and chrysanthemum are all good ones. There are also Chinese kale. I prefer small green vegetables in the cruciferous family. Taiwan’s small green vegetables are small and flat green. After blanching, cut open and eat. So to know how to eat any food, including the quality of meat, I also suggest that you actually eat more pork liver. I have been studying food for so many years, and pork liver is really good. So people say they want to have a meal together. If they want to eat Taiwanese food, I only order a fried pork liver.

You want to eat animal meat. Why do Japanese people like to eat tuna maw so much? After catching a tuna, the auction success and failure are in this belly. The thicker the tuna’s belly, the more expensive the tuna. What’s the problem? Because all tuna eat fish and those fish eat seaweeds, the meat of this tuna is very rich in nutrients, not just protein.

It is also a plant of the Umbelliferae family. It has blood circulation and blood-breaking, including blood-protection. Like carotene, it protects blood. Angelica root and tail are also Umbelliferae. It specializes in blood-breaking. Many Umbelliferae are Angelica dahurica is also in the Umbelliferae family. Many meats must maintain its fishy taste but don’t make us feel nauseous or greasy. When you stew or stew, you must add dahurica dahurica. If you don’t add it Baizhi, sheep have the smell of sheep, and cattle have the smell of cattle. Everything has a smell.

After the carotene is extracted, the oil is removed. The carotene in the carrot is water-soluble. The carotene you extract is all oil, the extracted oil, some people ran out of stool after eating it, it would not be absorbed, so if you want to eat carrots, the best absorbent for carrots is marinated with beef. If you eat it raw, only It can absorb one-third, and it can absorb two-thirds when braised with beef, so people who eat beef braised carrots will not develop acne, boys and girls are the same. Cows don't have pimples on their faces, pigs do. Puberty must have a lot of carotene, so adolescent girls eat a carrot every day, sweet potatoes are useless.

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