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Physiological diet (4) Heart, cardiovascular, blood pressure diet

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

The blood comes back with oxygen, and when it comes back to the heart, it comes with carbon dioxide. Are you tired? Tired! You can’t come back so is tired, so my eyes are tired. My eyes can’t go back blood red. How can I let it go back? In order to get it back, I eat a lot of egg yolks, vitamins, and simple sugars.

Let's discuss how you can make it come back safely when you have to deal with a certain matter. It's like taking the high-speed rail and taking a trip from Taipei to Zuoying. It's really cool! What should I do if I have to walk back? Because you have no money to buy a return ticket! Can not do it! So you guys, don’t think that I eat a lot of nutritious things, but after the nutritious things are absorbed, you must also metabolize and digest them.

Cardiovascular is the same. The way of education is blood vessels. First, measure blood pressure, blood fat, and cholesterol. I didn’t take into account what the Chinese said about the lack of ventilation. I would like to ask you if the amount is not new, what should you do? You don’t have enough oxygen for stale heme. The living heme index is above 12, which is very rich. Normally one heme can carry six oxygen. Your heme is not fresh, two with one oxygen, if you Say your heme index is 12, two with one oxygen, it can only carry six oxygen. Generally very healthy hemoglobin can carry four oxygens, and it can carry forty-eight oxygens. How many times do you think this is? It's eight times worse. So every amount is healthy, but walking will pant, and people are about to die. What is the problem? Because cardiovascular itself is a pathway. For example, you have a good Mercedes. How many guests can it bring? Just a driver, because this road is blocked. Cardiovascular is the same as the road. If your road is like a mud-rock flow, and the road is wobbly, and the road is all rocks, then you can't take guests with Mercedes, and you can't run with only a driver.

Cardiovascular health is very important for overall health. We used to be the same as ordinary cells. The first one must be complete protein. It must have a very important ratio. Look at the eight types of complete protein, and all eight must be available. No, because everyone’s nature is different, and the food ingredients they need are not the same.

So I have always emphasized that because Taiwan’s latitude is relatively low, I encourage people to eat more pork. This is the theory I have studied for so many years. Many people are studying why Master Kong ate so much pork and finally succeeded. Master Kong was born in Qufu. Does Qufu depend on the sea? By the sea. Droughts need water, so you must eat pork. Therefore, the fishermen in Taiwan are poor, because they all live by the water, how can they make money when they eat fish, so people asked me what they want to eat if they want to make a lot of money? Eat horse meat and mutton. I learned the Eight Characters from Teacher Wu Junmin. Teacher Wu Junmin doesn’t understand diet. He understands Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. He knows how to use gods. He knows how to use gods in different regions. People born on the banks of the Yangtze River will change with useful gods. A person who was born, when you change what method he uses, his useful God will change, so if some people are just born, take them under the sun and then hold them back, his destiny really changes, because his useful God lacks Bing.

Therefore, those who lack Bing, it rained on a cloudy day, and it was so bad that they caught a cold when they came back from a shower. So when one was born at this hour, you should take him out and shake him at the door before you bring him in. This is the record. In fact, the most important thing is to get him under the sun. Why do you bring him when there is no sun? All people born now use lights, Everyone has a Ding fire, and it’s great to say that your useful god is Ding fire. If you are born at home, some people are born on tatami mats or on the ground, you need Ding fire, and there is no Ding fire at all. You will have to work harder in the future. You can use this method.

People who grow up eating green cabbage will have less cardiovascular problems, but we must explain it all in theory, because green cabbage seeds contain more bile and inositol than steak.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are for advice and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to it yourself.