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Principles of ultimate success

I really like to read some books related to history, and I also like to read some stories about biographies. Among them, for the courses related to success and the biographies of some great men, I am even more diligent in taking notes; I have carefully read and participated in many seminars and reading clubs on success learning from Napoleon .Hill, EQ, to the recent neuro linguistic engineering, and even “the secret" that was popular a while ago.

During the meeting, everyone seemed to be addicted to the enthusiastic hypnosis of the host, and one by one kept shouting out their own dreams on the stage, as if they were in an incentive occasion of a direct seller under the dislocation of time and space. When we got together half a year later, everyone seemed to have lost the original passion and touch. Instead, they returned to reality again, continued to work hard, and then looked for the next opportunity to stimulate themselves.

Under the traditional education system, success is often set as a natural danger that is difficult to achieve; just as exams are one in a million, other failures are doomed to be insulated from success. In religion, thousands of practices can never get rid of reincarnation. As for the business landscape, how many people in Taiwan can be like Wang Yongqing, Guo Taiming and other big entrepreneurs? Of course, what everyone cares about most is money. Does buying a lottery ticket mean unlimited hope? The odds of the CULT lottery jackpot are very low, you and I both know that. So when success becomes too heavy, success learning products or courses will probably sell well as long as the packaging or marketing is done well.

But after meeting Mr. Chen Yikui, I found that success has become much easier; this is what Mr. Chen worked hard to do step by step, dissipating all his wealth. After more than 60 years of continuous refining, the whole system has become more complete. The seemingly simple principle contains a lot of wisdom.

The so-called success is the body, mind, and spirit. The completeness and completeness of these three aspects are indispensable. The body is physiology (health), the heart is psychology (consciousness and thinking), and the spirit is belief (goal).

Generally, the successful learning that is advertised in the market is always like setting off fireworks. After being brilliant, it will eventually be flat; fans are chasing wildly and blindly, but in the end it is inevitable to end in disappointment. To paraphrase a Buddhist saying: even if you don’t go to the end, you are still reincarnated in failure. The reason why the success study turned into the egg tower effect is that there are flaws in the system, and it cannot cover everything. Once the popularity is over, it will quickly go down the market. In the end, the success study cannot guarantee certain success. Carefully discussing the reasons for its failure is to blindly emphasize the heart and spirit. If you work hard and ignore the role of physiology, or even though you know health is important, you don't know how to regulate your body. Once you can't achieve health physically, no matter how strong your heart and spirit are, you will have no hope.

According to the method of teacher Chen Yikui, it is not difficult to learn successfully:

In terms of body: use it on food to provide the body with the nutrients it needs through the correct intake method.

In terms of heart: increase the breadth and depth of knowledge, and help us make correct judgments and choices in the personal field.

In terms of spirit: set goals and ambitions and be firm. As the founding father said, thought produces belief, and belief produces power. (Note.1)

Through Teacher Chen Yikui's "Blessing Incense Prayer Method" (Remark. 2), you can also enhance the energy of body, mind, and spirit. When the body, mind, and spirit are all in a state, as long as you keep working hard, success just around the corner.


The definition of doctrine given by the founding father is: "ism is a kind of thought, a kind of belief, and a kind of power. Generally speaking, when human beings study the principles of a matter, they first generate thoughts, and after the thoughts are penetrated, they develop beliefs. After beliefs the power is born. So doctrine is first from thought to belief. Power is born from belief, and then it is fully established.”


For more information about "Blessing Incense", please refer to: "Blessing Incense Respects Heaven and Dharma Patriarch, the Essence of Five Thousand Years of Chinese Culture"