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Analysis and application of ultimate success theory

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The so-called success is the body, mind, and spirit completeness, and completeness of these three aspects are indispensable. The body is physiology (health), the mind is psychology (consciousness and thinking), and the spirit is belief (goal).

While discussing success, we also look at some problems in today's society; and use the tripartite examination of body, mind and soul to compare the personal situation:

Assuming (body, mind, spirit) = (X, Y, Z), and the three variables X, Y, and Z have positive and negative values, then there are the following eight situations:

(+, +, +): This is the optimal state.

(-, -, -): This is the worst state.

The above two situations are extreme situations, and there is little space for substantial discussion in statistics or research. Most people are in one of the six states under the normal distribution, which is also the problem of most of us:

(+, +, -): People in this form account for the majority. They only seek to live a stable life without much goals and ambition. They are more like the life mode in an agricultural society. In today's industrial and commercial society, most of them are represented by the middle class (22K) or civil servants. They are structured in a bureaucratic system step by step, and their salary increases with their seniority.

(+, -, +): This kind of situation generally refers to young people who have just stepped out of school, left the society, or are changing jobs. They lack skills or skills and cannot make correct judgments in the field of work or career.

(-, +, +): If it is in this form, it is often called a person who is daydreaming or lazy in behavior. Sometimes it also means that due to poor health and lack of practical ability, he has no ideas can not achieve.

(-, -, +): This category belongs to a more paranoid state, some religious ascetics or social movements, and revolutionaries belong to this category; what they have is fanaticism about self-values, and they are particularly focused In self-belief, above the body and mind.

(-, +, -): This type is also very common in today's society. The most typical representatives are "otaku". In the comics..., lack of adaptability to the outside world.

(+, -, -): This kind of form belongs to students or young children, whose mind is not fully mature, and they are ignorant of their future life goals; if this phenomenon occurs in adults, it is generally more Relying on relatives and lacking the ability to live independently, the most typical representative is "mabao"-mama's boys.

The above analysis is based on the assumption of the longer-term (year, month) situation, and sometimes we will be affected by the short-term (month, day) situation, and wander among these eight forms. Traditionally, the horoscope also uses luck cycles or annual years to represent long and short cycles, which is the "periodicity" emphasized by Teacher Chen Yikui. The Twelve Longevity Theory is a long-term procedural deduction, applied in a person's life, and it is an irreversible state.

Fortunately, we can use Mr. Chen's "eating" theory to solve the variables belonging to the body (X), and the variables about the mind (Y) are what Mr. Chen has always emphasized "knowledge should be extensive". In this regard, if the body (X) ) Under the condition of sufficient nutrition, the learning and concentration of the brain will be greatly improved, and the mental state and EQ will be smooth.

As for the spirit (Z) part, under the traditional Chinese Confucian education system, it often makes everyone bear a heavy historical burden, respecting the virtuous and becoming a modest gentleman. On the other hand, when looking at Western education, it emphasizes the pragmatism of seeking truth from facts and seeing is believing. These two strands of thought agitate us, left and right, making us even more ambiguous about the goals and values of life; coupled with the rapid development of information, many people simply choose to escape, and some people are forced by reality. Tend to ease, every year more than 100,000 people go to take the government tests for officials. are they really want to serve the people as public servants? To put it bluntly, they still hope that the problem of (X, Y, Z) can be solved once, and it will be done in one battle.

Discussion on the spirit (Z) is more metaphysical. If ten people study it, there will be eleven kinds of theories. But Teacher Chen Yikui's method is very simple and very customized. Thousands of paths lead to the same path, and only one blessing incense is used to completely solve the problem. (Note 1.)

Under the framework of the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, if they can be fully coordinated and function properly, it is the so-called success. Thanks to Mr. Chen Yikui for spending more than 60 years to integrate these success factors, so that success is only between on and off, saving us a lot of time and cost of exploration.

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