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Blessing incense and photosynthesis

​Master Chen Yikui's "Blessing Incense" is a ritual and activity that combines the ancient wisdom of thousands of years. Users can improve many physical and psychological aspects by lighting the blessing incense and praying to Xuanyuan Huangdi's ancestors and their own ancestors. painful condition.

​For such a mechanism, many people have doubts, thinking that it is just a small incense, why can it play such a big role? In fact, it is not complicated to understand such a mechanism, as long as it is understood from the perspective of ancient Chinese culture adapting to nature.

​Chinese culture believes that the operation of all things in this world is carried out in the way of "interaction between heaven and man". There are various links between heaven and earth and all things. Therefore, nothing is trivial, and there is nothing is the unimportant little things, as big as the galaxy in the universe, as small as dust and sand particles, each of which plays a role in the link between heaven and earth. For this reason, Western science has not grasped the theory called "chaos" until modern times.

​Why can blessing incense play a role in improving various pains? In fact, it is because the incense-making materials selected by Master Chen Yikui play these roles. When making blessing incense, Master Chen Yikui chooses all kinds of aromatic wood materials, and when choosing, he must choose wood with long-term photosynthesis, that is, long-lived wood species that have been in nature for many years.

​Photosynthesis is the most wonderful and powerful chemical synthesis on earth. Plants on the earth absorb the energy of the sun through photosynthesis and produce all kinds of wonderful substances in the ecosystem, whether it is roots, stems, fruits, leaves, or carbon dioxide and oxygen, all come from this energy that can convert light energy into various effect of matter.

​Using the longevity wood produced by photosynthesis, through the praying of the common ancestor of the Chinese nation: Huangdi Xuanyuan's blessing, combined with the aroma produced when burning blessing incense, it resonates with the two meridians of Ren and Du and the head. Obtaining the powerful energy accumulated by the Chinese nation for thousands of years, this energy is very helpful for repairing and healing physical and psychological pain, and the effect of blessing incense comes from this.