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Bless incense and photosynthesis

One of the most powerful chemical processes on Earth is photosynthesis. It can be said that the reason why there are so many colorful things on the earth is thanks to photosynthesis.

​On the earth, animals depend on oxygen, and most of the oxygen comes from plants, more precisely, from carbon dioxide. On the earth, trillions of plants use the special chemical factory function in chlorophyll , worked very hard to convert any carbon dioxide molecule that can be found on the earth, with the light energy from the sun, to complete the amazing project of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. So photosynthesis is arguably one of the greatest forces on Earth.

​Master Chen Yikui's well-known sacred product of life: "Blessing incense", the secret of energy contained in it, the photosynthesis that everyone on this earth knows, but few people know it’s great mysterious power.

​The material of "Blessing Incense" comes from the plant formula master Chen Yikui who has studied Chinese culture for many years. The plant species that Master Chen Yikui found out are species that have existed on the earth for a long time and are related to the evolution of all things. The wise men of ancient China learned from Feng Shui how to obtain beneficial energy from minerals, and also knew that the relevant substances of this whole set of theories are definitely not limited to minerals, but the plants that grow on them, and are active in them. Therefore, the information obtained from this set of life cycles, the code master Chen Yikui found, is how to use the energy of plants to allow people to obtain the energy of the earth more efficiently. The crystallized wisdom of this set of theories is the "blessing incense" that allows people to obtain the energy of the ancestors of the Yellow Emperor and their ancestors.