Blessing Incense and Magnetic Field - Energy/Power -
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Blessing Incense and Magnetic Field

(Teacher Chen Yikui) 

   A person came to me through an introduction. She had 16 precious gems on her body. According to her, there were ghosts in the house. These gems were her amulet and could save her life, but she could still see the ghosts in her house. I said can I look at the gems? She said that she couldn't show the treasure, she wouldn't show it. She came to me because she heard that I could solve the problem of ghosts in her house, so I gave her four boxes of 5A blessing incense and some Chu Yen tea, and told her to go home and order the blessing incense then drink Chu yeast tea, also sprayed with Chu yeast tea at the same time, and the ghost will not come.

   After going back and doing the same, the ghost didn't appear. The ghost in her house is not afraid of others, only she is afraid, the ghost is afraid of the smell of 5A blessing incense, as long as the incense is lit, the ghost will disappear without a trace, but others will never encounter that ghost. If anyone encounters that ghost, they need 5A blessing incense, the smell is as simple as that.

   The French specialize in smell and use it to attract the opposite sex. When a woman wants to seduce a rich man, she will spray one kind perfume. If she sees her target walking into the elevator, she will follow him into the elevator to seduce her target. , make him fall in love with her. Another person who succeeded with small was Concubine Yang Gui of the Tang Dynasty.