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Food and Love (2)

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui

Deviation from food

There are absolute deviations in the food of many families. Some husbands or boyfriends are more knowledgeable than their girlfriends, and the girlfriends believe in Buddhism and vegetarianism. She feels that her boyfriend has no standard, no Buddha-nature, no standard and kills, and finally the boyfriend leaves, but has been criticizing her boyfriend's shortcomings, but she can't let go. This is an emotional problem in Taiwan, a problem caused by food. According to the results of my research and investigation, in 100 couples of this kind, the wife never cooks breakfast for her husband. Looking around the foreigners breakfast, each person has two eggs, two slices of cheese, two thin slices of ham, two slices of bread, a cup of diced juice, a cup of coffee, and a cup of fresh milk. The love of the couple is incredible. Although they are not very rich, it is good to have a full breakfast. In Taiwan, on the other hand, the wife does not cook in the morning, and the husband does not eat breakfast . After going out at noon, the husband eats lunch with others. The wife is at home with two slices of bread and a glass of milk, and the husband is outside for dinner. The wife just boiled some noodles and added a marinated egg. Two people are completely in the realm of different foods, resulting in different physiological states and meals. The wife eats alone at home, and the husband eats shark fins and drinks red wine. It is difficult to maintain such an emotional relationship!

Harmony and everything

If the family likes to be rich, the relationship between the two must be good, and then there will be wealth and wife. In the past, people believed that one should start a family first and then start a career. In the past, it was a career after marriage, but now it is a marriage after love. The two systems are different. But the mentality of making money is still the same, family harmony then everything will be prosperous, so people in the past can start a business after they get married. To start a family and start a business, the two must eat the same food, and the waves of the same frequency will resonate.

In Western society, it is necessary to know more about the history of successful people. Looking at the entire history of western development: they all used a caravan, and two couples reclaimed at the same time. They ate something in the morning, two people ate together at noon, and two people ate something together in the evening. Look at the process in the United States. There are also couples in Taiwan who have struggled very successfully. They also rely on their beliefs. Therefore, in the history of Western pioneering, there are two couples who want to fight with the Indians with a caravan, but they both hold the cross of the Lord Jesus.

The two people in Taiwan struggled together, that is, Xie Dongmin advocated that the living room is the factory. They worshiped the Landlord, and it was also a competition. At that time, success was due to the Landlord. If you don't worship the Lord of the Land, you probably all carry the tablet of your ancestors and fight like this. In order to study this case, I once went to the military area looking for couples coming from the mainland. The whole family lives in a place of 150 or 200 square feet. In the past, the military dormitories and the toilets were shared. The couple used a piece of red paper as a tablet for their ancestors. It doesn't fail even without eat well.

the same frequency

Because the psychology is the same, the physiology will be the same, with the same frequency and equal progress, and when we work together to strive for a certain goal, we will succeed. Under such circumstances, Taiwan's society has been evolving, and after success it has a national character. Prostitution and gambling are normal phenomena in Chinese society, not only Confucius said: eating, sex is human nature. The old overseas Chinese in New York's Chinatown, open a restaurant and have a mahjong in the evening, whether it is two laps or one lap, this will not change every day. This is our gene for this bet. Therefore, I will study the genes of gambling. For the Chinese people who have gambled from the old times, there will be many methods. This kind of gambling is called partiality in Chinese. Wife and wealth are combined, and Chinese people have Partial wealth and mistresses—partial wife. Successive Chinese people in all dynasties have had three wives and four concubines, because more wealth means more concubines. If a man can make a lot of money, if he is not in sync with the wife, then the wife will not accept the model of making a lot of money. As soon as the husband succeeds, there will be another woman. I'm very much in favor of the Western model, where couples go in and out socially. Taiwanese men are very strange. They don't like their wives to attend social events. This is the sequel of the traditional Taiwanese marital status and a deformed society. The divorce rate is very high, the traditional "eating" problem.

Physiological earning model

The way to make money is also the same. There are physiological ways of making money and psychological ways of making money. The physiological way of making money depends on your labor and skills. Like my lectures, it belongs to biology, because I have a loud voice and strong expressive ability. I can speak for three hours uninterrupted, it's my biological way of making money, including riding a motorcycle, running, or delivering, it's all biological. The psychological thing is gambling, design, how you want to work, and put it in the computer after the design is done, but if your food is not properly supplied and what you think in your heart, you may not make money. If the food is correct, add more money. If you believe in it and work hard, you will succeed.

waves of food

Don't be greedy, you must be honest, I am playful and happy, and in the end all the money will fall on the happy person. Playing mahjong must be very fun, how can you win in mahjong? The prerequisite is that you can play cards and the brand is good. Even if you lose, it is like inviting you to dinner. With this mentality, you will definitely win, but you must be full. Those who really fight for those who like to play mahjong will not be vegetarians. Vegetarians should never play mahjong because they are not sensitive enough.

When the waves of food are released, they are all seen through the eyes and transmitted to the brain. The waves of the brain only know what I am, and the waves are released. If you have the same food, you will probably sense that wave, you will understand about what kind of cards you can draw to win money. By analogy, I have instructed many people to do business. When doing business with Americans, they must eat beef, not pork, and they will definitely lose. When doing business with Arabia, you must eat mutton. If you don't eat mutton, you will lose. When you come to mainland China to do business with those self-employed people, you must eat pork. Learn from Su Dongpo and eat Dongpo pork. If you eat a lot, you will win, otherwise you will definitely be eaten. The wave of food can reach.

food change

In case your significant other runs away, what kind of food should you use to get your relationship back, it will take about half a year to a year. Sometimes when a husband runs away, there are two situations: First, the one who can't stand your broken nagging, is nagged by the boss outside, and will be nagged by his wife when he gets home. If he can't stand it, this kind of person will also run away. Second, there is a woman with a similar smell outside, the smell is very comfortable, and he will forget to come back. This is the behavior of an animal. Many animals will survive for the existence of that smell. If you want to tempt your other half to come back, you must change the food. After the change, use your sassy smell to lure him back. This is a prerequisite. I tell people that, the more complete ones teach them to eat egg yolks.

Emotional problems, egg yolk and nicotinamide lozenges, Bacillus coagulans, multivitamin E lozenges, and multivitamin lozenges, depending on your severity, will improve. You don’t want to eat a full meal every day and wait for someone to love you at home. This is the biggest mistake of Taiwanese people. They always think that if fate arrives, the destined person will appear. This is impossible, you must go out. Walk around, exercise a little, and the smell will come out. If you don't exercise, the smell won't come out. If it doesn't come out, people won't follow you.

When the food is wrong, like many husbands, he likes to drink Coke. He can't survive without drinking two big glasses of Coke every day. Some people like alcohol, beer, some people just need alcohol, some people want to drink coffee, everyone is all different. To reduce its effect, the application of this kind of food is also the same amount of protein. Su Dongpo had no wine and meat, he lived a very miserable life. How did Su Dongpo die? Died from stopping drinking alcohol. Because wine and meat go together, because Su Dongpo eats Dongpo pork, after eating lean meat, when it reaches the liver, it will produce a kind of methionine, which can expel the poison of alcohol.

Detoxification, detoxification with methionine. If your friends or yourself have this hobby, because of the sequelae of this hobby, when you want to quit, you need a large supply of animal protein, not fat but protein. When you quit drinking, you eat one pound of pork, two pounds of green vegetables, and compound multivitamin lozenges a day, all of which are very successful. But there must be perseverance and patience, and self-reliance must be resolved.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are all suggestions for supplementary nutrition and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment, please refer to yourself.