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Reasons why okinawa spinach can't be eaten at night

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

Okinawa spinach can not be eaten at night, that was before. As long as you add oil, there are two kinds of oil. If you add vegetable oil, then the iron in the red cabbage will not be able to produce vitamin D if our body is not exposed to light at night. The calcium is organic calcium, iron, magnesium, and organic carbohydrates, together, if there is calcium and iron together, there is no natural vitamin D in the body, the iron will be deposited on the blood vessel wall ( The minerals and iron in plants are combined together. If there is no vitamin D, it cannot be absorbed. When there is vitamin D, the human body can absorb calcium and iron). On the other hand, if you use animal oil to fry okinawa spinach, this phenomenon will not happen, because animal oil contains fatty acids, which can dissolve the fiber of carbohydrates in plants. So when it comes to eating, we probably have a very amazing place in Taiwan. The first is to spread rumors, and the second is to make a mess of it. Taiwan is because of this. It's been like this since my grandmother's time, so wait until I'm researching this thing. When I was eating, cook this kind of vegetable, oil was more delicious when fried in animal oil. I picked it up when my mother came back. She originally cut it and dipped it in soy sauce to eat it the next morning. I’m not. The young people in our family dared to eat lard. At that time, I was able to be admitted to the Taipei Medical College as a senior technician. I thought it was amazing. The young people listened to me, but the old people dared not eat it. In this era, Taiwanese people are very poor. A little lard is good to eat. If I fry it, I triple the lard and eat it very happily.

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