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Chicken eggs, duck eggs

In the experience of Taiwanese people, chicken eggs are for qi, and duck eggs are for blood. The whole experience of Chinese people has been passed down very widely. The Japanese must eat eggs for breakfast. The egg water is kept at 95 degrees. Put the eggs on a net and pick them up in four minutes. The whites are hard and the yolks are soft. This is called Tuodan. This is used by the Japanese from the Tokugawa shogunate era to the present. It is not wrong to call it a boiled egg. It is also very popular in Japan. Well, people in the south eat duck eggs and fried bread slices with eggs, which came from the West.

Taiwan used to eat eggs, and they all ate duck eggs. Then divide into two series. One is salted duck eggs, and the other series is radish eggs, fried with eggs. After Taiwan's liberation, the US aided in 1952, and after the opening of Taiwan in 1952, then in 1950, Taiwan established the Rural Restoration Committee. It was the US aid, the US economic assistance. In April 1951, in the 40th year of the Republic of China, the United States imported chickens and laying hens from the United States into Taiwan, and chicken farmers were born in Taiwan. To eat eggs, Taiwan used to eat duck eggs. The eggs that Taiwan used to eat were boiled and eaten by hens that were born without fertilization.

Duck eggs are the same in the south. Vietnam eats the most fierce food. The most advanced food in Vietnam is to eat ducklings hatched from duck eggs. Inside the eggs, it is very blood-enriching. Because I specialize in food research, I had dinner with a local minister in Hanoi. When it comes to duck eggs, he said that Vietnamese women can’t be killed, Vietnam’s economy depends entirely on Vietnamese women, and Vietnam’s farmland depends on Vietnamese women. This is amazing, eating duck eggs, Vietnamese girls are very good at giving birth, and duck eggs are very blood nutritious.

The doctor said that if your blood pressure is so high, it is best not to eat eggs. Eggs have high cholesterol. In fact, the cholesterol in the human body is not eating cholesterol and turning it into cholesterol. Cholesterol in the human body can be detected in the blood, and it is synthesized in the liver. After cholesterol is synthesized, it is sent to the blood by the blood vessels. It is not the absorption of cholesterol from the small intestine into the blood, which is a big mistake. People with a lot of cholesterol probably eat carbohydrates, because after the heat generated by carbohydrates, they have nowhere to run, so they have to run to the liver to produce liver sugar, and synthesize cholesterol from liver sugar. People with a lot of cholesterol probably like to eat foods with high heat energy , like animal fats, and carbohydrate cakes.

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