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Eating the right resonance food makes it easy for you to make money

(Teacher Chen Yikui)

Today's young people, after graduating from college, enter social work, the starting salary is 22K, and the house price is so high that it takes decades to buy a house without food or drink. Life is really dark, didn't  it say that “the purpose of life is to create the life that follows the universe”? Now the young generation can't support themselves, and whoever wants to have children has no choice but to be a no child family. what to do? There is a saying in the Book of Changes, "Heaven moves vigorously, and a gentleman strives to improve himself." How to be self-improveable and find a way to break through the predicament, hurry up and find Mr. Chen Yikui, he can make your life easy and comfortable!

Teacher Chen Yikui used to be the chairman of the I Ching Society. He is proficient in the five arts—mountain, medicine, life, astrology, and divination. Towards success.

Teacher Chen Yikui said that if the food we eat can resonate with the environment, it will be easy to make money. This is his research experience for decades. Because of our current environment, the houses we live in are all made of reinforced concrete, and there must be enough iron in the blood of the human body to resonate with the iron in the surrounding environment, coexist and prosper, and life is colorful.

Teacher Chen Yikui said that compound nicotinamide lozenges, compound spore-type lactic acid bacteria lozenges (Bacillus coagulans), compound multivitamin E lozenges and compound multivitamin lozenges can supply the nutrition of the brain and bone marrow, and produce rich heme. Let the iron in the human blood resonate with the iron in the surrounding environment. And it contains a variety of vitamins and trace minerals needed by the human body. It is a very beneficial nutritional supplement to the human body.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are all suggestions for supplementary nutrition and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to yourself.