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Types and functions of persimmons

(Dr. Chen Yi Kui)

All persimmons contain phyto alkaloids. Before they are not fermented until they are completely saccharified, they must be astringent. Why are the persimmons in Xinpu after being fermented and softened, and they have to be ordered now. They are not available in the market. I think that I have eaten a persimmon, as my life is very meaningful, really! Delicious and unpalatable lies in the whole process of its processing, including its entire fermentation process.

How can this discomfort be quickly eliminated? You can just take it out when it's astringent. Really! How can you be so stupid! The astringent is contained in the mouth, and it will be astringent for a lifetime! Just take it out! It will no longer be uncomfortable, so some people listen to others say that what they eat is good, but after eating it, they suffer greatly, and then hear others say it is so good, and they suffer for a lifetime. There are many people like this.

The white powder on the outside of persimmons ,crispy persimmon and persimmon cake is called persimmon frost. What are the different functions? Toshi persimmons, the highest-grade persimmons produced in Toshi, all go to Japan by plane. Probably when it was most famous, there was a mountain in Toshi that was the most high-grade last year and the year before, and the place with the best lighting was that kind of persimmons, flat kind of grafting that is grown from an improved Japanese variety. The price of a good persimmon is about ten times that of a crisp persimmon. That kind of graft is probably all wrapped up, and the plant alkali in the crisp persimmon is astringent. I like to eat crispy persimmons very much. The best time to eat crispy persimmons is now, about after the Double Tenth Festival until now. My son came back from Canada the day before yesterday. The crispy persimmons were cut on Wuxing Street. A pack of 50 yuan. I just bought three packs, I killed two packs of it, and finally had a stomach ache for 24 hours. I told you it was delicious! So I have no complaints about the stomach pain in the back, because you want to enjoy this kind of beauty. Of course, you have to bear the pain yourself. In the end, you can't bear to buy stomach medicine. I have studied pharmacy, and I know that my kind of stomach pain must be: The ingredients in the stomach medicine must have the same ingredient as Scopolia, which is bad! Let me tell you that there are stomach medicines all over the world that can relieve pain. This stomach medicine is only available in Japan. Scopolia, the current foreign stomach medicine, is not an antacid, it is a baking soda antacid that can kill Dead Helicobacter, to prevent your stomach ulcers, or medicines that are already in stomach ulcers, there is no real pain relief. Too bad we don't sell them in that place, and no one imports them. I even took a taxi to the fifth section of Nanjing East Road to buy Japanese medicines. Buy it and eat it. I can only come to class today after I am well. I just talked about whether the persimmons are good or bad. It is indescribable. The difference between the really expensive and cheap ones is three to five times.

The best persimmon is sold in Xinpu. It is produced in the mountains between Hsinchu and Miaoli. Next to Zhudong, there is a place called Beipu. In this generation, there are many tortuous mountains, but where is the problem? There is also the technique of making persimmons, which is not as simple as we think, just peel the skin, then it has an advantage, its fructose, so generally very sweet persimmons, many people with diabetes say sweet I can't eat it, yes you can, it can also make the throat itchy, but it has no effect on allergic inflammation. If you are slightly allergic, or if your throat is very dry, its fructose sweetness can be used. People used to call it throat moisturizing. In my opinion, it is irritating. Our throat secretions are lubricated. Persimmons are generally grown on the top of persimmons and classified by the fructose in the persimmons. That is a type of monosaccharide, which can also moisten the throat.

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