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Good animal oil

What animals can supply are protein and fat, but fatty acids are very important between the two. Now comes many problems. All researchers believe that fatty acids are divided into two categories: saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Animals belong to Saturated fatty acids, so don't eat animal fat, eat vegetable fat.

Saturated fatty acid is cholesterol, so many people study because vegetable oil is not necessarily delicious, how to make it delicious? It must be hydrogenated. After hydrogenation, vegetable oil will form clots, which are trans fats. There is no such thing in nature. It can only be added artificially. Americans think that the cream I eat is saturated fat, and they do not dare to eat it. What to do? Dehydrogenating vegetable oil to make it trans fat, it tastes so good, eat a lot at one time.

The results of a recent study, Why do so many people with heart thrombosis, because eating too much trans fat, and the whole world is eating trans fat, why? Because it creates popularity, like the French fries and chicken nuggets in the fast food restaurant in the past, almost everyone use trans fat, because it is delicious when fried. In the past, Japanese-style teppanyaki also used many trans fats. Although it sounds good without cholesterol, it is worse than eating cholesterol.

Teacher Yikui Chen has long been vocal about eating animal-based oils, which he observes are great saturated fats. Teacher Chen Yikui once said that his mother started eating rice mixed with lard at the age of six, and when she was in her seventies, she was still very healthy, so she proposed that people eat animal fat (pig's suet). Teacher Chen also suggested that people should eat more lard, the type of oil for the diaphragm is the most fragrant, and then the large suet of pigs. Teacher Chen Yikui believes that fat meat should be stewed slowly on a low fire, and stewed until it melts in the mouth is the real stew meat. It is really delicious and great.

Disclaimer: The foods and vitamins mentioned in this article are all suggestions for supplementary nutrition and do not have medicinal effects such as medical treatment and disease treatment. Please refer to yourself.