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Porcine and spinach

(Lin Mei Mei share)

Son admitted to a public research institute to do so, very happy, but after the start of school, his son felt face considerable academic pressure

Son said to his mother: the first time that the book has read endless feeling, and each is a description of the book

Son in college, when the test Institute, I have not found him so seriously studying, and now he sat in the front desk every day to study very carefully, to see him so hard to study, mind inevitably dismay.

Later admitted to the Institute, the son continued to eat Master of Yi-Kwei Chen recipe, egg yolks plus GK, watching his academic pressure, I think of the classroom, Master of Yi-Kwei Chen said, let the mind is a good recipe pig Brain plus spinach. So I went to the markets to buy three porcine brain, the bloodshot pick clean, plus water and electricity on twenty wolfberry stew pot, eat, etc., when placed in a pot and then stewed pig's brain a good, heated, Add spinach, this recipe when her son to eat supper.

Stew once a week, my son's schoolwork pressure seems to have reduced the resilience also increased, thanks Master of Yi-Kwei Chen teachings.